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Research on the Quality and Ecological Environment Online Monitoring Method of Agricultural Land after land remediation

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Tentile person in charge:Ma Zenghui

Source:Shaanxi Province Natural Science Basic Research Plan Project (2014jm5213

Project funding:410,000 yuan, its China allocated funds210,000 yuan, self -raising210,000 yuan

Main research content:Standardization of quality and ecological environment monitoring for agricultural land after rectification、Standardized construction requirements,Use a wireless network、Technology integration and comprehensive integration technology,Solving the labor sampling fee time and labor force、Human errors,Urgent need to improve the precision of data accuracy of remote sensing monitoring ground data,Forms a precise multi -sensor automatic collection system,Online monitoring method of good exploration and accuracy highland online monitoring method,Fusion online monitoring、GISandRSother heterogeneous data sources, develop online monitoring prototype systems.

Expected results:Establish an online monitoring prototype system and publish journal papers1-2.