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Construction of the company's union to carry out winter tree planting activities

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Recently,Construction of the Company Company's union launched the winter tree planting activity at the site of Yongshou Poverty Alleviation and Development Company。


During the event,Everyone is enthusiastic and high,full of energy,Tree sapling、wave shovel、Cultivation of Cyprus Coriander、Pressing watering,After a day of labor,Complete the planting of more than 2,000 poplar trees。After the tree planting activity is over,Everyone joined the "Dumpling Feast" preparation,kneading noodles、Living filling、Rolling skin、Dumplings,Together with the taste of "home" together。The development of this event,Not only did the employee unity and cooperation spirit,and use practical actions to help the greening project of Yongshou project,Added a "green" to the company's project construction。           

(Contributor: Li Wendi)