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Research and Demonstration Application Application Application of Mao Wulu Sansha Land Comprehensive Rectification (201411008)

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Tropical person in charge: Han Yanchang

Source: Scientific Research on Public Welfare Industry of the Ministry of Land and Resources

Project funding: 6.35 million yuan

Research content:

1) Research on the ecological effects of Maowu Sands and Sandsstrokes into the ecological effects of soil sanding;

2) Research on the water storage performance of 砒 sandstone and sand with the water storage of the soil and the evaluation of water resources support;

3) Research on the stability and sustainable utilization of sandstone and sand reciprocating soil stability and sustainable utilization;

4) Comprehensive development influence analysis and engineering demonstration

Get results:

Analysis of the micro -structure and sand fixing mechanism of 砒 sandstone and sand reclaimed soil,Clarified the sand fixation effect of the complex soil; proposed a reclaimed soil sustainable use plan under the sand fixing; the water storage performance of the complex soil was proved;,The water -saving technology system for agricultural development and utilization of Maowu dafabet mobile loginSu Sand Land has been established; a model of sandy agricultural water resource bearing capacity is established based on water resources constraints;,Returned the corresponding regulation technology; a typical crop water and fertilizer management system was formulated; and the "DB6-T 1088-2017) was preparatively prepared; Development Decision Support System。achievements have great practical significance for the use of sandy ecological rectification and sandstone resources。