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The ecological security guarantee technology integration and comprehensive demonstration of the channel and slope treatment project (2017yfc0504705)

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Tentile person in charge: Luo Lintao

Source: National Key R & D Plan

Project funding: 7.98 million yuan

Research content:

1) Tourism-The integrated ecological security guarantee technical system integration of the comprehensive governance project of the slope face;

2) Ecological security-based channel-slope surface management project planning and design and construction technology;

3) Tourism-Slide Facial Comprehensive Governance Project Ecological Security Assurance Technical Test Demonstration;

4) Touncing-The ecological security guarantee technical regulations of the comprehensive governance project of the slope surface

Get results:

Ecological security guarantee technology integration system formed by the channel-slope face comprehensive governance project,Construction of the channel-slope-faced-dam system comprehensive governance engineering model; according to the comprehensive governance engineering mode,Compilation of the key technology demonstration schemes of Yanguan ditch channel and slope governance project of Yan'an City,Evaluation technology for the degree of demand for the sheepfolid ditch channel and slope dafabet mobile appsurface governance project,The overall engineering planning and design of the sheepfall ditch demonstration area was completed; under the guidance of the key technology demonstration plan,Completed the project construction of the sheepfall ditch demonstration zone that brings together the technical achievements of the project;。