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Weinan Branch participated in 2021 Weinan Volunteer Tree Planting Activity

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March 12,Weinan Branch uses "Jiecheng Pure Land,Practicing the concept of practice; tree planting,Improve Weinan Ecology "as the theme,Organize party members、Member、The volunteer service team participated in the 2021 city -level voluntary tree planting activity organized by the Weinan Greening Committee。

       During the event,Everyone waves shovel、Female saplings、Cultivation of Cyprus Coriander,Cumulative planting more than 100 saplings,Tree planting scene is filled with unity and collaboration、The strong atmosphere of the upward and upward。Through this tree planting activity,further enhance the cohesion of party members and cadres and the heart force,fully demonstrated the ecological civilization concept of Weinan Branch implemented "Green Water and Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan"、Determination and perseverance of helping the green development and construction of Weinan dafabet loginregion,To protect the ecological environment、Construction of "Beautiful Shaanxi" contribution to build power。