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Mao Zhongan attended the joint meeting of the provincial assistance group of Shangnan County

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July 9,The Provincial Natural Resources Department organized a joint meeting of the provincial assistance group of Shangnan County,Deputy Secretary of the Party Group of the Department、Secretary of the Party Committee of the organs、Deputy Director Lei Mingxiong attended and spoke,The deputy general manager of the group Mao Zhongan will meet and speak。

       The meeting congratulated Shangnan County to win the battle against poverty alleviation,Thank you for your efforts of the assisting unit for their efforts to do poverty alleviation。Mao Zhongan said,Shaanxi Landjian will resolutely fulfill the mission of public welfare state -owned enterprises,Strictly implement the "Four Not picking",Continuous effort to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation,Efforts to do a good job in the effective connection of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization。

       Meeting requirements,Be more unified thinking,Improve the position,Deep understanding of mobilethe great significance of rural revitalization work,Vigorously promote the spirit of poverty alleviation,Continuously win the greater victory of persistence and development of socialism with Chinese characteristics!