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Weibei Branch and Xianyang Branch carried out theme group day activities

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6month 24,Weibei Branch、Members of Xianyang Branch went to the Red Memory Museum of the Qinhan New Town to carry out the theme group day event of the theme group day of the theme group day activity of the "Holly Welcome to the Twenty of the Twenty Congress"。


Visit learning,The majority of members and young comrades of the majority of groups have further deepened the history of struggle against the party、Revolutionary History、Understanding the history of development,firm determination to move closer to the party organization and the belief of struggling for the party's cause。Subsequent,League members to relive the vows of joining the group,Carrying and exchanges with actual work,Carved the vow inscription into the first heart of the group,Further stimulated the enthusiasm of everyone's entrepreneurs。Everyone said,To transform the party's glorious tradition and excellent style into the inner power that improves the effectiveness of work,Continue to make progress dafabet casino mobile appin daily work,Fighting hard,Dedicated youth for the Group's high -quality development,Dedication of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the group with actual results。