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The Youth League branch of the Tongchuan Branch won the "First Prize of the First Prize · Youth Shine Award"

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June 30,Tongchuan Branch's Youth Leading Branch organizes young employees to participate in the "Great 20th National Congress in Yaozhou District, Tongchuan City,Youth Exhibition Style "Celebration Seventh -1 theme group day activity,and won the "First Prize · Youth Shine Award"。

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The event preach through the theme、Knowledge Competition、Red Song relay and tug of war.。The contestants are united and collaborative,Active interaction,Fighting hard,Outdoor refueling sound、The cheers are connected into a piece,The entire event is overflowing in a happy atmosphere。Everyone said after the event,Do not be afraid of suffering in this competition、Courage to take responsibility、Fighting hard work is planted in work,Hold the 20th National Congress of the Party with actual actions,Pushing the 30th dafabet mobile loginanniversary of the establishment of the group with real performance effects to the new height。