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Tongchuan Branch Love Volunteer Service Team to carry out volunteer service activities

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July 6-7,The Care Volunteer Service Team of Tongchuan Branch launched a 2 -day "Civilized Transportation Civilization Behavior" persuasion service activity。


During the event,Volunteers are not afraid of cool summer,Persevere in the post,Careful guidance of traffic,Maintenance order,Uncivilized to pedestrians and motor vehicles、Persuasion that violates traffic rules,and patiently explained the hazards that violate traffic rules。This volunteer service activity was unanimously liked by pedestrians,Show the responsibility of the group's state -owned enterprise,Established a good social image。Volunteers said,It will continue to actively promote "dedication、Friends、mutual assistance、Progress "volunteer spirit,Give full play to the role of volunteer demonstration example,In the epidemic prevention and control、Creating a civilized unit dafabet mobile appand other key tasks rushed on the front line,Do it in practice,Efforts to create a united work、The working atmosphere of friendship and mutual assistance,Contribute volunteer forces to the company's high -quality development。