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dafabet mobile appXianyang Branch won the title of "Xianyang High -tech Zone Youth Pioneer" in 2022

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May 4,Xianyang High -tech Zone Youth League Working Committee awarded the title of "Xianyang High -tech Zone Youth Pioneer" in 2022。


Since its establishment of Xianyang Branch,In the Provincial Party Committee、Provincial Government and Xianyang Municipal Party Committee、With the support of the municipal government,Under the correct leadership of the Group's Party Committee,Always adhere to the party's political construction as the leader,Comprehensively promote the deep integration of party building work and production and operation,Active responsibility as,Courage to pioneer innovation,Continuously increase the introduction of science and technology projects and high -end talents,Continue to improve talent entrepreneurial supporting facilities,Strive to build Qin Chuangyuan's western (Xianyang) Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Bay Project to become a talent gathering、A new highland of scientific and technological achievements,Contributions to the high -quality development driver of Xianyang Innovation。Branch will cherish honor,Repeat it for meter,firmly listening to the party、Go with the party,Tightly work around the center,Don’t forget the original heart,Create again,Plim dafabet loginthe "Youth Pioneer" struggle with actual actions,To create a first -class innovation ecology、Gathering first -class innovative talents,Contribute youth forces。


Before the honor awarding ceremony,The Management Committee of Xianyang High -tech Zone organized more than 40 young enterprises in the district to visit the Xianyang Branch Qin Chuangyuan (Xianyang) Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Bay Project for investigation and discussion。Will on the way,The relevant person in charge of the branch exchanged speeches as a representative of young enterprises。