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Group 5 innovative studios naming the provincial agricultural, forestry and water conservancy meteorological union

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Recently,Provincial Agricultural Forestry Water Conservancy Meteorological Union released documents,Formally named 7 studios as "Demonstration of Model Modeling (Employee) Innovation Studio of Agricultural Forestry and Forestry Water Conservancy Meteorological Systems"。5 Innovation Studio of the Group System — Sheng Xiaolei Innovation Studio、Zhang Yongfeng Innovation Studio、Sun Yingying Innovation Studio、Zhang Jun Innovation Studio、Wang Yingyue Innovation Studio was named。


In recent years,Group Trade Union always adheres to the implementation of the group's scientific and technological innovation and development concept,For the Group's High -quality Development and Gathering Innovation Resources,Build an innovative platform,The establishment of the creation of the creation of the innovation studio for the establishment of the workers formed by the establishment of the work talent gathered、Skills innovation effect significantly,Construction for the Group's industrial workers、The transformation of scientific and technological achievements has made mobilepositive contributions。Future,The Group Union will further play a more effective demonstration and radiation role of the innovative studio,Strengthening technical exchanges and cooperation between the studio,Stimulates the enthusiasm and initiative of employees' courage to innovate,A positive contribution to the new chapter of the transformation and upgrading of the group's transformation and upgrading。