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Group system labor competition activities will achieve good results

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Recently,Shaanxi Provincial Agricultural Forestry Water Conservancy Meteorological Union issued the "Notice on the Labor Competition in 2023",Construction of Guantian Company、Weinan Branch was awarded the winning collective title,Construction of the Survey and Planning Institute's West Extension High -speed Railway Investigation Reporting Team、Building a hotel group to build wine investment project team、Hanzhong Branch's risk aversion and residence relocation project team was awarded the winning team,Comrade Zhang Ruiqing、Comrade Guo Qiang, Weibei Branch、Comrade Chen Chaoyang, a real estate group, was rated as an excellent individual。

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Future,The Group Union will continue to conduct extensive in -depth labor competitions、"Ankang Cup" and other activities,Do a good job of evaluating the tree model,The development of competition activities and promotion of innovation -driven development、The dafabet mobile appproject is combined,Create an excessive quality、Skills superb、Courage to innovate the employee team,For the group's transformation and upgrade high -quality development reserves。