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One comrade of the group won the honorary title of "Shaanxi Industrial Craftsman Talent"

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November 22,Shaanxi Provincial Agricultural Forestry Water Conservancy Meteorological Union issued "Decision on Naming 2023" Shaanxi Industrial Artisan Talents ",Comrade Zhang Dengke, a comprehensive company, was awarded the honorary title of "Shaanxi Industrial Artisan Talent"。

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Comrade Zhang DengkeSelfSince participating in the work, I have always taken root in the first line of the project, dedicated, improving, courageous innovation,Always require yourself to strictly require yourself with the standards of an excellent professional and technical personnelWorking successivelyGroup multipleLand RectificationHigh -standard basic farmland constructionIndustryPoverty Alleviation ProjectMultiple hotels for civil construction、Construction tasks such as decoration and outdoor landscape greening construction,pioneering and aggressive、Gan Yu Dedication,Leading colleagues overcome one difficulty after another,A positive contribution to the high -quality development of the group。

In recent years,The Group vigorously promotes the spirit of model workers、Labor spirit dafabet casino mobile appand craftsman spirit,Encourage cadres and employees to take root in the first line of hard work、Dare to be the first。Group Trade Unions calling on the majority of employees to take industrial craftsmen as examples,Continue to play the role of the main force,Constantly improve professional knowledge and business skills,devoted to the new era of innovation and excellence to the group's production and operation,Construction of Gong in the new journey of the Group's high -quality development。