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Construction of the Real Estate Group Discipline Inspection Commission organizes the study of new discipline sanctions

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In order to firmly establish the party constitution and party rules and discipline awareness,Consolidate and expand the achievement of cadres' style of style,March 19,Construction of the Real Estate Group Discipline Inspection Commission organized the new revised "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China" in the form of video conferences。

Will on the way,Company Discipline Inspection Commission is close to the actual and daily life of party members and cadres,Usually understandable language,Greetings and led the historical revolution of the revision of the new "Regulations"、Significance、Terms of increasing changes,Focus on the major arrangement of the Party Central Committee on studying and implementing the new "Regulations"。After the meeting,Everyone said,To engrave the discipline and rules of the party in my heart、Practice on the way,Strictly abide by the party discipline and state law,Strict implementation of rules and regulations,Cherish the post、Cherish mobilelife,The example of fighting for integrity。Company Discipline Inspection Commission said,It will continue to carry out various forms of missionary activities,Let the new "Regulations" truly become the code of conduct of all party members and cadres "into the mind"。