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The 7th Fitness Gathering Games of the Research Institute was successfully held

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April 13,Research Institute organized the development of the "build dreams,New Chapter of Juli Passing "The 7th Employee Fitness Gathering Games。

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This session will change "competition" to "interact",Set kangaroo jump、Work together、Cyclone running and not falling forests and other competitive projects,At the same time, a relay running is also set up、Losing the sandbag、Parent -child projects such as blindfolding gongs,Not only helps everyone to strengthen the physique,Let everyone enhance the family's happiness after work,Created a healthy and lively、Angle and upward working life atmosphere。

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On the field,The employees are united and struggle、Creating a good achievement,Release the pressure、Show vitality。The game is tight and orderly,The atmosphere of the scene is interesting。The talents of the majority of the Gathering Games showed their talents、Improving Friendship、TempeanceWill,Everyone said,To continue dafabet mobile appto surpass self in the future work、Diligence and pragmatic、Unity and collaboration,High -quality development of the Institute for the Research Institute condenses the majestic power。