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Strong Book Xiangrun Chu Heart Branch jointly built a burden

Shaanxi Land Construction Group Trade Union Union Provincial Federation dafabet casino mobile appof Trade Unions to carry out party branches to jointly build reading and sharing activities

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The most beautiful world April Tian,It is another year of reading day。April 26,Group Trade Union Party Branch United Provincial Federation of Trade Unions Organizing the Personnel Department's grass -roots working department party branch jointly carried out "sharing the book as a diameter to share the reading,Joint Studies and Joint Construction and Promoting Development "Theme Reading Sharing Conference and Party Branch Co -construction Activity。Gao Li、Member of the Party Committee of the Group、Director Wang Shuguang attended the event。


In the event,Party members recite the classic chapter in turn、Talk about reading experience、Communication reading experience,Where the sharing book is worth learning and learning,combined with your reading experience and life perception,Deeply interpreted "Reading is the knowledge of human acquisition、Qizhi Zenghui、An important way to cultivate morality,It can inspire people's ideology,Establish a lofty ideal,Concerning Qiran Qi。”,Created a strong atmosphere of learning good learning。Participants gained a new perspective from the warm discussion、New point of view、New feelings,Put your sentiments in reading practice activities、Get true knowledge、Establish ideals。


This branch co -construction activity,It is a new pattern of building a grass -roots dafabet mobile loginparty building work,Strengthen the organization of organizations、Event interconnection、Important measures for experience exchanges,It is also a party building leader building,Ning people's heart、The key starting point of the aggregation force,The Group Union will insist on advocating employees to be rich in content、​​Diverse reading activities,Guide employees to persist in learning and use through、Zhixin Xinghe One,Effectively transform the results of reading learning into the actual results of promoting high -quality development,For "Writing the new chapter of Shaanxi、Fight for the Western Demonstration "New Light、Tiansheng,Contribution is greater!

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Before the start of the event,The Provincial Federation of Trade Unions visited the Group's "Enter the Entering the Entering" exhibition hall、Basic Experimental Center、Digital Intelligent Management Center and House of Employees。