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Key Laboratory of Monitoring and Conservation Monitoring and Conservation of the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Ministry

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The signs of the key laboratory of cultivated land quality monitoring and conservation in the agricultural and rural ministry (the latest version, consistent with the sign of the department) .jpg

June 2023,Established with the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs,Relying on the unit for Shaanxi Land Construction Land Engineering Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.,The co -construction unit is the University of Northwest Agricultural and Forestry Technology、Zhongshan High -Standard Farmland Construction Group Co., Ltd.。It is mainly targeted at the major needs of the quality conservation of cultivated land in my country,Carry out the protection and utilization of cultivated land、Theory of cultivated land monitoring、Technology、Equipment R & D and Cover,It aims to eliminate the quality disorders of cultivated dafabet mobile appland,Realize "Tibetan Grain in the Earth"。