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Hanzhong Branch won the title of "Youth Commando" in Hanzhong City

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April 18,The Youth League branch of the Hanzhong Branch participated in Hanzhong City to deepen the "Qing" brand brand to help the "three years" work promotion meeting,and won the title of "Youth Assault Team" in Hanzhong City。

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Hanzhong Branch "New Town · New Acts" youth commando has been established since its establishment,Always take the project as the starting point,Focus on production and operation、Project Construction、Completion of the task of work safety and other aspects,In Chenggu Binjiang New City、Hanzhong City Relief Residence Relocation Project、Chenggu High -standard Farmland Demonstration Construction Project and Hanzhong soil soil Three Pu and other aspects to show new actions,Promote the production of young employees in enterprises、Do backbone in the project construction work、Dangdang。

Hanzhong Branch will take this honor as power,Continue to hold the youth commando flag,Promoting the spirit of the youth commando,Plumb the youth commando brand,Focus on the new task of "urgency and danger",Courage to take responsibility、dafabet logincharge in front,Two times as ink、Two times as ink,Writing youth passion in the magnificent chapter of Chinese -style modernization,Beautiful construction environment、Green Low Carbon、A livable ecological city contribute youth for your youth。