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The Youth League Branch of the Hanzhong Branch and the Gongqing Tuan Cheng Gu County Party Committee jointly carried out the theme activity of "Lighting Micro Weiming Dreams to Growth"

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May 30,On the occasion of "June 1" International Children's Day,The Youth League branch of the Hanzhong Branch and the Communist Youth League Chenggu County Party Committee carried out the theme activity of "Lighten Weimi Dreams to Help Growth"。


In the event,Branch's condolences group came to Tianming Town Central Primary School,Detailed understanding of children's learning、Life and family situation,and send a schoolbag for poor students and left -behind children、Book、Basketball、Football、Badminton、Brush、Fifty micro gift gifts prepared by the stationery box, etc.,Encourage children to learn well、Self -love,Fight for ideals、A good boy who is pursuing。A group of warm dialogue,Acts with scenes laugh,The long -awaited "micro -wish" of the child is finally realized,Happy dafabet loginflowing in laughter,Caring for transmission in condolences,Yin Yin cares like a spring breeze,Moisture the children’s hearts,Also broadcast the seeds of hope in the children's hearts。