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The Party Committee of Yan'an Branch held a warning education meeting

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April 30,The Party Committee of Yan'an Branch organized party members and cadres to hold a warning education meeting。

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The conference thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and important instructions of party discipline learning and education,Careful studying "Will Strictly and Strictly Govern the Party to the End" case,Watch the theme of anti -corruption TV feature film "Solving Unique Terms"。Persist in the case to say virtue、Speaking of the case、Case saying,Guide party members and cadres to further enhance political determination、Disciplinary Determination、Morality、Resisting the decision。

Meeting requirements,We must do a good job of "promoting learning" and daily "learning",Consolidate the foundation foundation of the mind and integrity,Planting integrity Fenggong cultural foundation,Cultivate integrity and self -discipline moral ethics。Keep working on the discipline and rules of the party seriously,Divided the "dividing line" of Qing Gong and Private、"Alert Line" of love and discipline,Disciplinary consciousness of practical strengthening knowledge dafabet loginand action。We must adhere to the education of party discipline education with the consolidation and expansion theme education、Work style、Inspection rectification、Focus on the whole year's key work,Convert the results of party discipline learning and education into a strong driving force for the high -quality development of various tasks to promote branches。