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Construction of Real Estate Group Party Committee to carry out theme party day activities and spring games

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Recently,Construction of the Party Committee of the Real Estate Group to carry out the "Jumping Dream,New Chapter of Juli Passing "The theme of the theme Party Day Activity and Spring Games。

Activity scene,All party members of the company face the party flag, enter the party's oath,Looking back at the beginning of joining the party,Promote party members in mind the vow、Abide to commitment,Stimulation of Endetering Power。and the party members who joined the party in April and May to spend a collective political birthday,Gift "Political birthday greeting card",Remember to join the party at the beginning of the party,"Calcium supplement" with a full ritual "calcium supplement"、"Come on" for the original heart,Storage energy for work。

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Games set up super nba、Matsusworm racing、Fun tug of war、Fun -jump relay and two -footed fun competition projects and badminton、Ping Tennis Friendship Tournament and other rich projects,Each project integrates fun、Entertainment、Collaborative and competitive,It is the interweaving of both strength and wisdom,It is a full display of tacit and cooperation in the team。The team members dafabet mobile appgive full play to their personal strength,Her cooperation and cooperation,shows unity upward、Forwarding and promising spiritual style。

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Success of this event,fully demonstrated the stance of the majority of party members and cadres and employees of real estate,inspired pioneering and aggressive、Passion for the entrepreneurial business,Further build a grassroots combat fortress、Create a positive corporate culture atmosphere,Injects new vitality into the company's high -quality development。