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The Party Committee of the Hanzhong Branch organized the preaching of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought

Release date: 2024-05-17 & nbsp & nbsp Author: Qin Jiaru & nbsp & nbsp Source: Hanzhong Branch & nbsp & nbsp Click volume: 2137 & nbsp & nbsp Share to:

May 17,The Party Committee of the Hanzhong Branch invited a professor at Shaanxi University of Technology、Professor Pang Qiao, an expert in the "Chang'an Subtra by Chang'an" in Shaanxi Province, gives a special lecture on Xi Jinping's thought of ecological civilization。

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Professor Pang Qiao from Xi Jinping's new development of ecological civilization thought、Formation process、Major Innovation、Ideological Connotation、Value and practical significance,and learning and implementation in detail for detailed interpretation,Comprehensive as a member of all party members, cadres and employees of the branch、Deep、Accurate learning and implementation of Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought provides strong guidance。 Participants have said,Take this lecture as an opportunity,firmly studying and promoting and implementing Xi Jinping's ecological civilization thought,Continuously strengthen political responsibility,Barbecued head、Yongyi forward,With a higher position、Strict requirements、dafabet casino mobile appMore practical moves,Continue to promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of Chenggu Binjiang New City project,Accelerate the pace of urbanization of Chenggu County at a high level of ecological environment,Make new contributions to the beautiful city of the builder and nature.、Add new highlights。