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Construction of the company's grassroots party branch jointly carried out theme party day activities

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May 14,Construction of the company's first party branch and the sixth party branch organized party members to go to Anwu Qing training class to carry out the theme party day activities。


The branch members of the branch along the historical footprint,Site entering the youth training class,Watch the literature in the museum、Historical pictures and precious cultural relics,Listen to the magnificent past。Each detail、Each story,It seems to bring everyone back to the age of the beacon。Everyone can revisit the glorious history of the An Wuqing training class and the journey to carry out revolutionary education activities of the year,Feeling the hard work of the revolution and the self -reliance of the revolutionary martyrs、The hard work of entrepreneurial,Go forward、Not afraid of the dedication and firmness of sacrifice、The excellent style of clean and honest,Deep inspiring everyone to work hard、Report the strong spiritual motivation of dafabet casino mobile appthe motherland,Further strengthen the ideals and beliefs。Party members have said,As a party member,To promote the spirit of hard work,Actively contribute to the development of comprehensive companies。