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The Party Committee of the Northwest Branch carried out the spirit of the two conferences of the country

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Recently,The Party Committee of the Northwest Branch went to the party building contact point to carry out the spirit of the two sessions of the country。

Squad members to preach the scene of the two sessions.png

Overview of the two sessions this time、Significance、The spirit of important speech during the "two sessions" period of General Secretary Xi Jinping、Government work report and related document resolution spirit,Perform a multi -level full coverage.。Preaching focuses on focusing on expanding market business and deep practical education and education,Sending a saying that cadres and employees are solid "internal skills" cultivation,To promote dry、Practice with drying,effectively transform the spirit of the two sessions into real work、Strong power of hard work,Play the foundation for the work of annual production and operation and party building in a solid work。After the meeting,Everyone said unanimously,It is necessary to unify the mind and action to the spirit of the two sessions dafabet mobile appof the country,The learning effectiveness will be converted into the specific practice of working hard to complete the annual goals and tasks and strengthening its own construction as soon as possible。