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Land Construction Institute signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenmu Agricultural and Rural Bureau

Release date: 2024-05-17 & nbsp & nbsp Author: Wang Yingguo & nbsp & nbsp Source: Land Construction Research Institute & nbsp & nbsp Click volume: 1112 & nbsp & nbsp Share to:

May 16,Land Construction Institute and Shenmu Agricultural and Rural Bureau formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement。This contract aims to further strengthen corporate and land cooperation,Laying a solid foundation for the third national soil census results application and transformation of Shenmu City。


The two parties said,The actual needs of the agricultural development of Shenmu City in the future,Give full play to the advantages of all parties,Through resource integration and complementary advantages,Monitoring and treatment from saline -alkali land and cultivated land conservation、High -standard farmland construction science and technology empower、Deepen exchanges such as joint research and transformation of scientific and technological achievements、Her close cooperation、mutual benefit and win -win,Seeking a new increase in multiple fields,Cultivation of new productive productive forces for building strong agriculture,Comprehensively dafabet mobile apphelp rural revitalization and continuous development of modern agriculture。


Before the signing ceremony,The transfer ceremony of the third national soil census achievement of Shenmu City, which was undertaken by the Research Institute, was successfully held in Shenmu Agricultural and Rural Bureau。