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Ankang Branch went to Shiquan County, Ankang City to discuss cooperation

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May 17,Ankang Branch went to Shiquan County, Ankang City to visit and investigate,Zhu Youfeng, deputy head of Shiquan County Government、Deputy County Mayor Du Shizhu discussion and exchange。


At the symposium,Shiquan County Natural Resources Bureau、Forestry Bureau、The relevant responsible comrades of the Water Resources Bureau and other units introduced in detail the investment and construction of key projects in Shiquan County。Zhu Youfeng welcomes the arrival of the Ankang Branch,and briefly introduced the construction of key projects in the county and future development plan。He pointed out,Shiquan County has always been a big grasp of the project、Grading Merchants、The bright orientation of development,Continuous optimization project structure、Investment structure、Industrial structure,Hope Ankang Branch can participate in the development and construction of Shiquan County,Help Shiquan's high -quality development stable and far away。The responsible comrades of Ankang Branch thanked the Shiquan County Government for their attention and support to the Ankang Branch,Introduction of the Group and Branch in land remediation、Technology dafabet casino mobile appR & D、Talent training、Innovation of business model innovation,and said as a state -owned enterprise,Ankang Branch will continue to give play to state -owned enterprises,Give full play to its own advantages,Help the comprehensive development of Shiquan County economy。

After the meeting,Ankang Branch has visited the environmental governance in Shiquan County、Education facilities transformation、Water Conservancy Project、High -standard farmland and other key projects。