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Construction Nanshan (Shangluo) Garden Hotel successfully completed dafabet mobile loginthe reception of 2024 National Youth U19 Men's Volleyball Championship

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May 11th-23,Construction Nanshan (Shangluo) Garden Hotel successfully completed the reception of the National Youth U19 Men's Volleyball Championship in 2024,Professional、The warm -hearted service has been well received by the organizer and participants。

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This event has a total of 18 men's volleyball teams from all provinces and cities across the country、About 400 athletes and coaches participated,Construction Nanshan (Shangluo) Garden Hotel as the official reception hotel of this event,The main purpose is to do a good job of high -quality competition services,Pay attention to、Careful Organization。Hotels with the highest standard、The strictest requirements、The most detailed service,From the accommodation environment、Food Safety、Safety guarantee and other aspects strictly control,Specific reception staff etiquette,With high standards of service,Safe and healthy diet and comfortable accommodation experience,Comprehensive serving athletes from all over the country,Make sure the athletes complete the competition with a full mental state。In addition,The hotel departments make various preparations in advance,Open the gym based on the athlete's living habits、Provide subtle services such as laundry cleaning,and the surrounding environment、dafabet mobile appInternal facilities、Management services Optimized and improved。During the period,Municipal Government、Related regulatory units、The event guarantee group, etc., have been inspected and deployed more than 20 times in the hotel's field inspection work many times。


The reception of this event is the hotel since the opening of the hotel,The team has the longest time in the store、The most tight service guarantee work in the meal connection。Construction Nanshan (Shangluo) Garden Hotel will take this reception work as an opportunity,Continuous optimization of hotel service quality,Continuously make up for deficiencies and shortcomings,Fully strengthened the responsibility,Create a local "Living Room of the City" with high -quality reputation served by state -owned enterprises。