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Survey and Planning Institute held an annual scientific research work meeting

Release date: 2024-05-27 & nbsp & nbsp Author: Xie Wenwu & nbsp & nbsp Source: Land Construction Survey and Planning Institute & Nbsp & Nbsp Click volume: 1053 & nbsp & nbsp Share to:

Recently,Survey and Planning Institute held an annual scientific research work meeting,Further create an innovative atmosphere,Mobilize employees' scientific research enthusiasm,Improve the level of internal scientific research management。

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The meeting conveyed and learned the main content、Company's internal scientific and technological innovation management system,I heard the special report of the company's scientific and technological innovation work,I deployed the annual key scientific research work。Participants said,Through this meeting,Further realize the importance of scientific and technological innovation to the development of the group,Understand the connotation and meaning of the innovation of the enterprise,I have a clearer understanding of how to carry out good technological innovation work。

Survey and Planning Institute said,In the future, it will further implement the innovation -driven development strategy,Optimized technological innovation environment,Strengthen the construction of the dafabet mobile appscientific research team,Stimulate the innovative vitality of scientific researchers,Strengthening the integration of scientific and technological innovation and production and operation,Improve the effectiveness of technology innovation。