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Share the sun to help grow together

Group trade union system carefully organized the "June 1" International Children's Day event

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To fully reflect the care and care of the children's children at all levels of the group's party committee and the group at all levels of the group,Promote the group trade union system service care work solid development,On the occasion of the 74th "June 1" International Children's Day,Group multiple unitsThe theme of "Sharing Sunshine · Co -Assisting Growth" has been carried out for parent -child reading、Parent -child Games、Theme research and other content is rich、Various forms of Liuyi special care activities。


Under the careful organization of trade unions at all levels,The event not only allows employees and children to spend a pleasant parent -child time,Building a parent -child communication platform for employees' families,Effectively improved family intimacy and happiness,Further enhanced the sense of ownership of employees and the sense of identity of the group of employees。

In recent years,With the strong support of the group's party committee,The Group Trade Union always insists on passing dafabet mobile appthe group's warmth and care to the majority of employees and employees' families,Next,Group Union will continue to innovate service forms、Rich service content,Create employees、Communication bridge between employees' family and group,To build a harmonious labor relationship,Group high -quality development contribution strength。