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May 31st-June 1, mobileConstruction of Guantian Company to build Nanshan (Fufeng) Hot Spring Hotel Organization to conduct academic exchanges and the second quarter training meeting of 2024。

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Training invites the Institute of Water and Water Conservation of the Ministry of Water Resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences、University of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry TechnologyExpert professorComrades related to the Group and the relevant comrades related to the Ministry of Science and Technology carried out in -depth discussions and exchanges on the "Research and Demonstration Promotion Project of Green Farmers Construction in Guanzhong Area",Invite the 20th National Congress of the Party、Comrade Zhang Lingyun, Secretary of the Party Branch of Huai Bei Village, Chencun Town, Fengxiang District, Baoji City, gives a special party lesson,Invite Professor Li Qian, the Party School of the Xi'an Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Party of China to carry out the special training of "Construction of official etiquette and style",The company's party committee is responsible for comrades to do party discipline education special party lessons,and organized watched "We Walking on mobilethe Road", "Continuous Power Deep Promotion "feature film.

During the training period,Participants closely surround the learning content,A communication speeches in combination with work,Talk about knowledge、Talking about work plan。Everyone said,To learn what I learned、Income、The enlightenment is fully applied to actual work,Really achieve new progress、New enhancement in party spirit、New improvements in the style、New improvement in ability,Continue to invest in various tasks throughout the year with a full mental state。