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dafabet mobile loginThe Discipline Inspection Commission of the Hanzhong Branch held a new cadre conversation meeting

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Recent,dafabet mobile loginThe Discipline Inspection Commission of the Hanzhong Branch organized a new cadre to hold a former clean government talk meeting。


Will on the way,Secretary of dafabet mobile loginThe Discipline Inspection Commission of the Branch and the new cadres conducted a talked about the former clean government,Point out the risk point of integrity,Clarify the responsibility、Disciplinary rules to clarify、Clarifying the requirements of the performance,Supervise the new cadres fully perform their duties。At the same time,All the new cadres signed a promise letter of integrity,and carried out the former clean government examination。Conference to point out,To persist in education first、Prevention first,Talking about clean government conversations as cadres"Compulsory Course",Education alert the new cadre to fasten the "wind discipline",Take a good "integrity road"。Conference emphasized,To target the "eight skills" and "seven capabilities" proposed by General Secretary Xi Jinping,Yangchang Make up shorter,Learning Thoughts and Practice,Speed ​​up and improve your ability,High standards strictly required performance to perform their dutiesRemember that post is responsibility,Responsibility must be dafabet loginresponsible,Dare to face the conflict problem,Dare to take on emergency and dangerous tasks,Cultivation and care of the reward group and branch company with actual resultsTo persist in keeping discipline and rules in front,Take the opportunity to carry out party discipline learning and education,Study Ji、Zhiji、Mingji、Keeping up and down,Enhance discipline consciousness、Rules Consciousness,Awe of knowledge、Starting fear、Keep the bottom line,At the same time, take the supervision correctly,Actively accept supervision,Really become a good cadre who is loyal and clean。