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The Discipline Inspection Commission of the Research Institute held a work meeting for the disciplinary work of Zhengfeng

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Recently,Construction of the Research Institute Discipline Inspection Commission Zhengfeng and Disciplinary Work Club,Discipline Inspection Member of the Party Branch、The person in charge of each scientific research site and office、Key positions of key positions such as the Ministry of Fund assets attended the meeting。

The Discipline Inspection Commission of the Research Institute holds the Jizhong Disciplinary Work Club. Jpg

The meeting collectively learned the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping's comprehensive strengthening of the party's disciplinary construction,Learned a typical case of illegal eating and drinking reported by the Central Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection,conveyed the Group's Discipline Inspection Commission on the problem of incorrect wind and corruption around the masses、Related requirements for special rectification work of illegal food and drink。Meeting requirements,To persist in problem -oriented、Target -oriented,Strangive,Quickly carry out special rectification work with strong measures。Through party members and cadres、Self -correction mobileand self -inspection and institutional loopholes of scientific research venues,Eliminate hidden dangers of integrity risks,Create the environment of the officer that is clear。During the Dragon Boat Festival Discipline Inspection Commission will strengthen supervision and inspection,Ensure that strict requirements are in place、Implementation in place,Build a solid defense line。