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The Party Construction Office of the Provincial SASAC went to the group for guidance

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June 13,Wu Jun, the leader of the Second Inspection Team of the Party Construction Department of the Provincial SASAC, went to the group to collect party fees、Special inspection of use and management。The relevant staff of the Party and Mass Work Department of the Group and the Department of Fund assets participated。


The inspection team carefully listened to the group's collection of party fees、Report on the use and management work,Detailed check the party committee of the group party committee、Accounting voucher、Conference records、Records of party fees,Daily management of party fees,On -site spot checks whether the party fees of individual grassroots party branches are paid in full and in time。The inspection team affirmed the party's party fee management work,and give specific suggestions on the standardization of the specifications。Questions raised for the inspection team,Next,The Party Committee of the Group will continue to strictly regulate party fees management,Pay attention to publicity and education,Collection of party fees and strict party organizational mobilelife、Standardize democratic evaluation of party members and strengthen party members' goals management organic combination,To carry out the standardized and standardized construction of grass -roots party branches and the "classification guidance、Fighting advance "action plan as an opportunity,Constantly improve the management level of party fees。