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Shaanxi Land Construction Group Union System adds a honor

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Recently,Provincial Agricultural Forestry Water Conservancy Meteorological Union organized the theme activity of "ingenious dreams to build dreams to" new ' -help model workers help develop new productive forces ",Vice Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions、Member of the Party Group Wang Zhanjun attended the event and condolences the group of front -line employees。

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Activity scene,Group "He Wei's Innovation Studio" was awarded the "Qin Shuichian · Ecological Chain" Labor Model Innovation Studio member unit,浐灞 Academic Exchange Center was awarded the honor of the "Industrial Artisan Academy"。

In recent years,With the guidance and help of the superior units and the strong support of various grass -roots trade unions,The Group has built a provincial level、9 industrial -grade demonstration employee Innovation Studio,Lead、Participate in the Labor Model Innovation Studio Alliance 2,More than 60 advanced employees in the selection of tree models,Each job is obtainedProvincial Federation of Trade Unions andThe affirmation of dafabet casino mobile appthe Provincial Agricultural Forestry Water Conservancy Meteorological Union。Next,The Group Union will continue to persist around the group center task,Continue to play the advantage of the masses,Be a good bridge bond,To continue to promote the construction of the group's employees,New product development contribution to the power of union。