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China -Shaanxi Agricultural Construction Group received a thank you letter from Guangxi Land Resources Planning and Design Group

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Recently,Guangxi Land and Resources Planning and Design Group sent a thank you letter to China Shaanxi Agricultural Construction Group,Thank you for your support and assistance to China -Shaanxi Agricultural Construction Group for support and assistance for the support and assistance of China -Shaanxi Agricultural Construction Group,Give full affirmation of the rigorous work attitude of the technical personnel and proficient professional technology。


Different from the letter,Since 2023,China Shaanxi Agricultural Construction Group has performed well in the third national soil census external industry survey and project acceptance work,Project team members actively respond to various challenges,Give full play to professional advantages,Work closely with local technical members,Commonly overcome difficulties,Make sure the project is successfully carried out,strongly promoted the third national soil census sampling work as scheduled。

Next,China Shaanxi Agricultural Construction Group will continue to play its own advantages,dafabet mobile appServing the soil census work,To keep the red line of cultivated land、Optimize agricultural production layout、Ensure the power of national food security contribution。