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China -Shaanxi Agricultural Construction Group organizes the "Safety Production Month" series of activities

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Recently,China -Shaanxi Agricultural Construction Group focuses on "everyone talks about safety、Each of them is emergency -unblocked Life Channel "theme,Organized the "Safety Production Month" series of activities。


In the event,The company invited Yang Ling Demonstration Zone Fire Rescue Detachment to conduct fire safety lectures,Popularized fire safety knowledge,and watch the promotional videos and special reports,Deepen the understanding of employees' importance of production safety。At the same time,by mobilization oath、Safety Knowledge Competition、Firefighting fire extinguishing emergency exercise and other forms,Multi -type、Multi -angle announcement of safety production knowledge,Stimulate enthusiasm for employees to participate in safety management。

This activity not only enhances employees' safety awareness and emergency treatment capabilities,It also created a good atmosphere of "everyone talks with everyone" for the enterprise。China Shaanxi Agricultural Construction dafabet mobile loginGroup will take this as an opportunity,Continue to strengthen the normalization management of safety production,In -depth investigation and rectification of various security risks,Build a safe foundation for high -quality development。