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Hanzhong Branch organized a flood season safety training and flood prevention emergency drills

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June 27,Hanzhong Branch Organize the project on -site construction units on the construction of the project on site in the southern section of Xiliu Road, Chenggu County.。Chenggu County Emergency Administration、County Hospital First Aid Center、Sanliqiao Police Station、Bowang Street Office and other units participate。


This activity should take precautions and self -rescue methods when explaining the rainstorm when the rainstorm comes,On -site simulation of the water level in the flood season rose rapidly, take the stagnant pumping in accordance with the emergency plan、Flood control sandbag reinforcement、Drainage ditch dredging、Personnel Direction and Transfer、Process of the wounded rescue and other measures,Watch a series of solid and effective safety education contents such as watching safety production warning education films,effectively improved the ability to coordinate coordination and emergency in the face of emergencies in the flood season,Further enhanced the safety awareness of dafabet casino mobile appcadres and employees,Created all the staff's attention、A good atmosphere of active security。Everyone said,Take this event as an opportunity,Deepen the red line consciousness,Strengthen the bottom line thinking,Do a good job of work safety,Promote the continuous stability of the company's safety production situation。