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Xianyang Branch、Shaanxi Fruit Industry Company jointly carried out the "Safety Production Month" emergency exercise activity

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June 27,Xianyang Branch、Shaanxi Fruit Industry Corporation focuses on "everyone talks about safety、Emergency -the theme of the Life Channel,Joint Organization carried out the "Safety Production Month" emergency exercise activity in 2024。

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This exercise is from the construction unit、Supervision unit、Total contracting unit、Participating unit participation,Carry out drills for simulated lifting damage accidents。The entire exercise process is tightly organized,Command smooth,Order,Quickly complete personnel rescue,Creation alert,Emergency measures such as personnel appeasement,Joint drills of each unit,Emergency disposal "Demonstration Sample"。

Participants said,This training is capable of improving security precautions、Tree's Safety Red Line awareness played a very critical role,Next,It will continue to carry out solid activities related mobileto the theme of "Safety Production Month",Strictly fall into the responsibility of safe production,escort for the company's high -quality development。