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Construction Institute held a public junction for middle -level official positions

Release date: 2024-06-28 & nbsp & nbsp Author: Yao Sisi & nbsp & nbsp Source: Land Construction Research Institute & nbsp & nbsp Click volume: 2350 & nbsp & nbsp Share to:

June 28,Research Institute organized a public lecture on public positions for middle -level official positions。

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This post competes for fairness、Justice、Public、The principle of selecting the best is performed,The Discipline Inspection Commission of the Research Institute tracks supervision。The competitors are according to the order of the lottery,Based on the post,From personal advantages、Experience、job cognition、Working ideas and other aspects gave a competition speech,Fully shows the good spiritual style of the land building。On -site judges conduct a fair score based on the performance and comprehensive situation of each competitor。

This public competition work is to implement the requirements of the deepening of state -owned enterprise reform and improvement action requirements,Promoting the specific measures for implementing the "three systems" reform,Forms a good selection and employer -oriented,Let the wanting officer、Understanding business、 mobilePower、Ambulatory cadres and workers exert their ambitions,Do their best,Let the courage to act as a role、Outstanding talents who are good at overcome difficulties stand out、Multiple contribution,To better stimulate the enthusiasm of all cadres and staff officers to start a business。