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砒 Sandstone sticks migrate and researches in wind sand and soil

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Tropical person in charge: Du Yichun

Source: China Postdoctoral Science Fund Funding Project

Project funding: 50,000 yuan

Research content:

(1) Different water flow rates、The concentration of 砒 sandstone mucous grains and humus on the sandstone mucous grains move in wind sand and soil;

(2) The spatial distribution of sandstone mucous grains in the wind and sand;

(3) The interaction force between the stick and the wind and sand and soil DLVO force analysis。

Get results:

Clarified that the core substance of the improved Sand's improvement is sticky,revealing the main factor that affects the stability of the sandstone and sand with the soil particles,pointed out some measures to increase reconstruction soil stability,Research results provide theoretical foundation for the research of technical mechanisms for 砒 sandstone and sand reciprocating soil,Provides theoretical support and reference basis for the promotion and application of the governance of the sandstone dafabet mobile loginand sand in the governance of Maowu Sandi。