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Key Technical Integration Demonstration of Conditional Remediation of Halling Village (2014 BAL01B03)

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Tentile person in charge: Han Yichang

Source: National Science and Technology Support Plan

Project funding: 4.52 million yuan

Research content:

1) The planning and design technology of hollow villages in hill areas;

2) The remediation of waste house sites in the hill area;

3) Hollow Village Establishment Technology in Hill Area;

4) Ecological reconstruction technology of hollow village environment;

5) Integrated demonstration

Get results:

Formed a comprehensive remediation of the empty village waste homestead in the hill area of ​​the hill area,Compared with other hollow villages at home and abroad,The first system、Comprehensive integration of various technologies,Can effectively excavate the potential of land land potential、Increase the area of ​​cultivated land,Promoting the implementation of the protection of cultivated land; at the same time, it can promote the use of land conservation and use,Guarantee national food security,Effectively solve agricultural efficiency、dafabet casino mobile appFarmers' income increase and rural value -added; this technical system also technically supports the strategic goals of my country's solid promotion of new rural construction and overall urban and rural development.,Promoting the process of urban and rural development and transformation。