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Research and Demonstration Application Application Application of Mao Wulu Sansha Land Comprehensive Rectification (201411008)

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Tentile person in charge: Han Yichang

Source: Scientific Research on Public Welfare Industry of the Ministry of Land and Resources

Project funding: 6.35 million

Research content:

(1) Research on the ecological effects of Maowu Sand Sands and Cycusstone into the Ecological Ecological effects of the soil sand;

2) Research on the water storage performance of 砒 sandstone and sand reciprocating soil and evaluation of water resources support;

3) Research on the stability and sustainable utilization of sandstone and sand reciprocating soil stability and sustainable utilization;

4) Comprehensive development influence analysis and engineering demonstration。

Research results:

1) Formation of software Copyright: Mao Wusha Saudi Comprehensive Development Decision Support System Database Management Software

2) Published 35 scientific and technological papers

3) Publishing 2 monographs: "Demonstration of Sandstone and Sandfu into the Earth Technology and Field Project"、"The Sanding effect of the sandstone"

4) 1 item of development dafabet casino mobile apptechnical standards: "Sandstone and Sandfu into the Turkuka Project Specification"

5) Build 2 application demonstration sites: Land Development Project of Daci Khan Township, Xiaoli Khan Township, Yuyang District, Yulin City、Gongcao Bay Land Development Project, Jinjie Town, Shenmu County, Yulin City