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Degenerate and unused land rectification engineering innovation team (2016kct-23)

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Tentile person in charge: Han Yichang

Source: Shaanxi Provincial Key Science and Technology Innovation Team Project

Project funding: 26 million

Research content:

(1) Research and Demonstration Application of Comprehensive Remediation of Sand and Wasteland

(2) Research and Engineering Research and Engineering Application of Heavy saline -alkali land governance technology

(3) Key technical research and integration of comprehensive rectification of hollow villages

(4) The Economy Economy of the Land Remediation Project、Ecology、Social comprehensive benefits evaluation

Expected results:

(1) Apply for invention patents 2 items,Application software copyright 2 items,Registration software copyright 1 item;

(2) Formulate 1 technical standard;

(3) Build a demonstration point and one of the training bases for each

(4) Publishing monograph 1 book

(5) Published 33 papers