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Effects of the construction of water field construction on the soil nutrient characteristics of the Daxian region (2016jm4021)

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Tenture person in charge: Zhang Hongkai

Source: Shaanxi Province Natural Science Basic Research Plan

Project funding: 30,000

Research content: Drought land before the construction of the water field in the Greater Xi'an area、Water pouring ground、The soil of the beach and the soil after the completion is the research object,Combining the field tracking measurement with potted planting,For soil carbon、Nitrogen、Phosphorus、The content of nutrients such as potassium and other nutrients is accurately determined

Expected results:

Accurately measures the impact of water field construction on soil nutrient characteristics,Forms a dry land、Water pouring ground、Beach coating is transformed into a paddy field to yellow cotton soil、The theoretical system that affects the characteristics of different types of soil nutrient characteristics such as soil; integrated research data,Write 1 dafabet loginresearch report (project technology summary report),Published 2 academic papers。