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The ecological security guarantee technology integration and comprehensive demonstration of the channel and slope treatment project (2017yfc0504705)

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Tentile person in charge: Luo Lintao

Source: National Key R & D Plan

Project funding: 7.98 million yuan (self -raised 4 million)

Research content:

(1) The Ecological Safety Guarantee Technology System Integration of the Comprehensive Governance Project of Slope Facial Face;

(2) Ecological security-based channel-slope governance project planning and design and construction technology;

(3) Trip-Slide-faced comprehensive governance project of the ecological security guarantee technology test demonstration;

(4) Trip-Ecological Security Technical Regulations of the Comprehensive Governance Project of Slope Facial Face。

Expected results:

Constructing a watershed channel-slope-to-face management engineering composite technology system; compile 1 consultation report; formulate technical regulations 1

; in Yan'an、Yulin、Pingliang Create 3 Test Demonstration Area,The total area is not less than 3,000 acres; published 8 papers;

Cultivate 2 people in young and middle -aged mobileacademic leaders,Cultivate graduate students/post -doctoral 5 people。