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dafabet mobile loginResearch on the formation mechanism of the mellasty soil of the Loess Plateau hilly and gully area (2017jq4026)

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Tropic leader: Gao Hongbei

Source: Basic Research Plan for Natural Sciences in Shaanxi Province

Project funding: 30,000 yuan

Research content:

(1) Analysis of the soil hydration parameters of the gutter and the land of the land

The water guide rate of the soil saturated soil by determining the gutter、Basic parameters of soil and water guide capacity such as non -saturated water conduction rate and diffusion rate and moisture characteristic curve,and compare and analyze with soil parameters that are not affected by engineering

(2) Analysis of the formation mechanism and influencing factors of the land soil soil soil soil in the gutter

Select the typical gap and land soil soil sewing area,For soil texture,Soil layered structure and dynamic changes in the soil midflow for continuous positioning observation,and combined with the hydrological meteorological element of the basin to analyze the formation mechanism of the mellasty soil soil soil in the land。

(3) Simulation process simulation from flowing out of the soil soil in the gutter

Using soil moisture motion models such as Hydraus to simulate the flow outflow process in the soil,Basically predicting the dynamic changes and laws of the mid -current in the soil。

Expected results:

(1) Reveal the mechanism of the middle flow of farmland soil in the gutter.

(2) On the basis of the existing soil moisture dafabet mobile appdynamic process model of the small loessing path,,Meteorological and hydrological information of the research area of ​​this project,Soil moisture dynamic data

Model simulation of the production flow process of the tutra farmland soil.

(3) Based on the watershed water balance model,Preliminary analysis of the direct impact and potential impact of land distribution on the watershed water resources。

(4) Writing 1 copy of the project research report,Published 2-3 articles。