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New Builder Luozhong School

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dafabet casino mobile appThe new builder Luo Middle School project is the Municipal Party Committee、One of the "Top Ten Projects" determined by the city government,Project Construction for Latin City Framework、Improve urban taste、Optimized school conditions、Improvement of the living environment is important。The project is located on the south side of the Malianyu River、East of Malianyu Road,West Lin Guishan,Southern Jingming Road,The land area of ​​the project control area is 292 acres,Construction land area 192 acres,The total construction area of ​​the project design is about 110,000 square meters,Building density 12.4%,Greenland rate 48.22%,The number of students planned at school 6,000,400 faculty and staff。The total investment of the project construction is about 350 million yuan,The construction cycle 16 months。According to the Municipal Party Committee、Municipal Government's requirements for building a builder Luo Middle School into the first -class high school in Shaanxi,Based on the needs of reasonably optimizing the configuration of high school educational resources in the urban area,New Campus Design Instead of New、Ahead of concept,According to national construction standards,Absorbing the characteristics of the construction of similar schools inside and outside the province,Adhere to the high starting point plan、High -level design、High standard construction,Efforts to realize the first -class plan、Design first -class、Condition first -class、The first dafabet mobile login-class school goal of running a school。
The main building planning area of ​​the project in the new builder is: teaching and teaching auxiliary house area of ​​about 40,000 square meters (including wind and rain playground),Office houses about 10,000 square meters,Life service house is about 7600 square meters,Teaching and Workers' dormitory 16,000 square meters,Student dormitory 29,000 square meters,Multi -functional lecture hall about 1500 square meters,and supermarkets、School History Museum、Art Museum、Sports and supporting equipment、garage and bicycle shed、Swimming pools and supporting equipment The total design area is about 110,000 square meters。
After the project is completed after the project is completed,It will definitely have a profound impact on Shangluo's high school education and even the city's high school education development,Late the solid foundation for the cultivation of more students to receive higher levels of education and further studies。

Overall bird's eye view Overall bird's eye view
Roof bird's eye view Shangluo Middle School Effect Chart
Shangluo Middle School Effect Chart Perspective view