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Calculation Application Center and Aviation Test Drone

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Computing Application Center undertakes the processing and storage of the entire basic geographical information data of the group,Including cadity、Plan、Data processing of large -scale projects in the field of survey。It is mainly divided into a capital survey area、Application R & D Zone、Survey internal data processing area、Four areas of the planning and design area。

Survey Area,It mainly cooperates with the province's cadastral survey and ownership management,Undertaking the processing and summary of the inspection and summary of the province'dafabet mobile apps cultivated land reserve resources was undertaken by the basic data of rural and urban cadity.。Simory2014Annual Cathey Change Survey involved the whole province107a county (district), check the spots in total87724, area is about32610,000 acres。Inspection of the reserve resources of cultivated land involves the whole province104County (district), area reached350More acres.

Application R & D Zone mainly undertakes the application development of common software in the project,At present, we have developed the completion of the land improvement project decision support system、Batch drawing procedures for oil and gas land、Data Quality Inspection Procedures and Data of Land Classification Data Batch Entering Library Library,greatly improved work efficiency,Expanded business volume。For example, the batch outlets for oil and gas land make us original100The outlets reached by a person's work, now only need to1It can be completed in an hour.

Survey internal data processing area。It mainly serves the database of the large -scale surveying and mapping engineering project、Edited into Figure、Air test data processing and other work。There are two items done now,One is the technical service work of cadastral surveying and mapping and confirmation certificate of Railway Land for the Xi'an Railway Bureau,This project involves8City,62County (district),17Railway route, surveying and mapping area, about1910,000 acres。The other is the northern Shaanxi oil and gas land survey boundary project,This project involves4City,28County (district), the area of ​​land is about3010,000 acres, the entire project is organized2000The remaining internal and external industry technicians, dispatch the vehicle contract500vehicle, work time is near15month, now the survey set report was completed2Set, a total of appointments500The number of drawings reached near510,000 volumes,Reporting and approval is close to the end。Comparison with the spots through the entire extension of oil land data for extended oil land,While ensuring the reasonable land use of the enterprise,Realized mobilelarge -scale intensive land,Save the cost for extending the group's approval60billion,Reduced the burden of corporate,At the same time,It also greatly simplifies the application for approval。As of now,Railway in Shaanxi Province undertaken by the group、Highway、Energy and other national key projects of national key projects are undertaken by the calculation application center,Mainly completed the second line of Western Qi East、Baoxi Railway, etc.10Data processing of the remaining key linear projects.

The planning and design area mainly undertakes the feasibility study and design work of special land planning。Current,This area has completed Da Xi'an5010,000 -acre dry -changing waterfield project can be research and along the Yellow River Beach8Preliminary design work of 10,000 mu of water field construction projects,The design of other pilot projects has been completed,Comprehensive design work is expandinglaid the foundation for the smooth development of the five major projects in Shaanxi Province.

Follow -up,Computing Application Center will closely follow the relevant policies and regulations of the country's real estate registration,Grasp market opportunities,Related business for real estate registration。At the same time,Computing Application Center will further strengthen data processing technology research and development,Integrated industry data,Strive to provide better services for the province's land management work。

Aviation test drone

Survey and Planning Institute purchased two aviation test drones, namelyCK-GY04Electric UAV andCK-GY04Oil drone, total146Wan.

CK-GY04Electric UAV, Wing Exhibition2.6rice, body length1.6rice, battery life1hours, voyage80km。The main body is a new composite material,Use vacuum introduction process manufacturing,Simple structure,Low operating cost。Aerial image has high definition、High precision、The characteristics of high potential,Used for terrain surveying and mapping、Land Resource Survey、Land use dynamic monitoring and other fields。

CK-GY04Oil Drone, Wing Exhibition3rice, body length1.9rice, battery life2hours, voyage200km. Single -voyage area can be reached40square kilometers。Can be in various complex terrain、Work under bad weather conditions。Can mount a full -frame camera、HD camera、Portable spectrometer and other equipment,Being able to complete various low -altitude remote sensing observations、Large ratio terrain diagram testing task。

UAV comes with8Taiwan computers are specially used for aviation image processing. this8Taiwan computer uses24inch3DDisplay, interiorpixelgridFeatureStationand other image processing software,Mainly used for aviation image air three encryption、4DProduct production, three -dimensional maps and other work.9Monthly drone to shoot the pornography of rice harvest in the Nanni Bay project area。