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Northern Shaanxi oil and gas production enterprise reserved land survey reference project approval project

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I. Project background

2013year12month5Japan CCTV News Channel "Destroy the cultivated land"、"Extending oil illegal land for many years"、"Temporary '10The Land use procedures for the year are delayed "and other content reports and other content reports to extend the temporary land for oil for oil、Land pollution and other problems。

2014year3month14Vice Governor of Ri Zhuang Changxing held a special meeting on the treatment of oil and gas production land for extended oil and gas groups,Requires to solve the problem of extending the historical extension of oil and oil and gas land。4Monthly Shaanxi extended petroleum (group) entrusted group company to complete the survey and fixed work of extended oil land for Shaanxi。

Refer to the spirit of dafabet mobile appthe Governor of Zhuangzhuang,Changqing Oilfield Company、Yan'an Oil and Gas Company、China Petrochemical Group Corporation commissioned the group to test the planning and design institute to complete its company's investigation and approval work。

2. Project scale

Oil and gas production land survey and application project,Four oil and gas land companies including Shaanxi extended oil (group),and its subordinates48Land involves Yulin, Yan'an, Xianyang, Tongchuan4City28County (district), docking related units802014year,2015Cumulative foreign industry survey in two years5106Thousands, apply for approval area for land30.3810,000 acres.

3, project results

Project self2014year5The work of the out -of -month industry survey work is launched, Yu2015year5Monthly end,Obtained the method of using all -field data collection5.6Ten 10,000 well field boundary data, form a5.6More than 10,000 "Foreign Investigation Registration Forms". The industry industry is adoptedArcgisSoftware for data management, establish a database46Draw1:2000Survey fixed -bound map5more than 10,000, the number of fruit tables in the boundary site is reached20Yu 10,000 sheets, forming a total of reports in the survey report41Ministry, divided255Book of Books.

4. Technology innovation

1, measure the application of new technology

This project has a decentralized operation point,Single surveying and mapping unit (well field) area is small,Tight construction requirements and other actual situation。Use traditional wire measurement technology and staticGPSThe technical existence is too large、Time is too long、accuracy is difficult to guarantee、Disabletability and other problems。

During the implementation of the project, we adopted a newCorsSite technology, a total of in two cities in Yan'an and Yulin8TemporaryCorsstation, solve the parameters according to the county sub -area, run all -weatherCorsPublishedGPSPositioning parameters,Provides accurate project implementation、Efficient basic control。

2, internal industry processing and quality inspection procedures for development

This project involves a contract5Thousands of survey fixed -bound diagrams,Use artificial scope、Print operation,It will be needed10Taiwan painting graphic instrument continuous3The operator can complete. We are combined in this project.NETArcenginePlatform, useC#The language wrote an automatic division out program, which will3The workload of the month is compressed to10Sky.

The cumulative project involves3427Administrative Village,5.610,000 well field,5.2Thousands of plots appointments38710,000 group coordinate data,Use artificially entered the classification area of ​​the industry、Data of the Boundary Site Point,It will not guarantee the accuracy and requirements of the construction period。Two difficulties for internal industry treatment,We are in softwareMDBDatabase, useC#Language development The classification area and boundary site results batch entry procedures、The results of the boundary point are reflectedSHPtopology checking program。Two procedures improve work efficiency,Make sure data quality,It plays a role in escorting for the data processing work of the investigation of the world。

4. Technology innovation

Due to the Railway Land Land and Mapping and Registration Agency Project of the Xi'an Railway Bureau, it involves more lines、Work task heavy、Tight time of the construction period,plus the railway itself is a linear ground object,The traditional measurement method can no longer meet the requirements。So,This project introduces photography measurement technology,Using drones for aviation measurement,GetDOM, extract related information, producedlgProduct。This method greatly saves time and cost,Make sure the production period of the railway map,Meeting the accuracy requirements of the mileage recovery of the central line。

Project Outlook

Through northern Shaanxi oil and gas production enterprises2014Implementation of the application for approval projects for the land survey of the land left before the year,Calculation Service Center has grasped the distribution of four oil production enterprises such as extended oil groups in northern Shaanxi oil production、Road traffic、Land information and other basic situations。Data accuracy、Comprehensiveness、Reality is unprecedented for oil and gas production enterprises。We have an idea to create a "oil well information management platform" for oil and gas production enterprises,Assisting enterprises to control the land,Manage the production and operation work through the platform,and guide the company' mobiles subsequent production and development decision -making work。

Registration issuance of railway land to issue permits for the successful implementation,We obtained all railway lines and space location information of all railway lines and important affiliated facilities under the name of the Xi'an Railway Bureau。We will depend on the operation of railway management in the railway bureau,Establish a "railway information management platform",For railway maintenance、Maintenance、Add (expanded) construction and maintenance provides a system、Basic data information that can be queryable。

Follow -up,We will summarize the successful experience of the two major projects,Relying on the industry、Technology、Talent advantage,Strive for communication in the province、High -speed、Electricity、Agriculture and other large state -owned enterprise land information supervision platforms provide high -quality services。Forms a big data collection of related industries,Provide data support for the economic development decision in the province。