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Survey and setting of key railway construction projects in Shaanxi Province

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Self2009From the beginning of the year, our hospital has undertaken the completion of the Western Railway, the Xicheng high -speed rail, etc.10The remaining railway projects in Shaanxi survey and data processing work,The land supply and the smooth implementation of the land supply and project of key railway projects。

Our unit provides basic data,Production survey fixed technology report、Land use status diagram、Land Utilization Master Planning and other diagrams such as,Guidance Land Unit to handle forest land、Mineral pressure covering and other related procedures,Provide comprehensive technical service work,The County (District) Land and Resources Bureau will report to the Municipal Land and Resources Bureau,The Municipal Land and Resources Bureau is reported to the Provincial Department of Land and Resources for review,Our unit fills in the electronic report system of construction land,Finally reported to the Ministry of Land and Resources。

Deadline2015year10month,Our hospital has completed the survey boundary of key railway engineering projects in Shaanxi Province2356km, area910,000 acres, the production survey report600Statistics, land use maps, land use overall planning2More than 10,000.

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Make a huge number of survey and fixed -bound technical reports through the development procedures、Land use status diagram、Land Utilization Master Plan,Compared to traditionalCADArtificial dafabet mobile loginproduction method,greatly reduced operation time,Improved work efficiency。

Create a database,Storage and management massive survey data,Easy to manage in the project、Analysis and update data。

Using integrated management,Reorganize and optimize the railway survey project,Reduce cost,Improved business,Show the scale effect。

The above -mentioned key railway construction projects have successively completed the group report,and get approved by the Ministry of Land and Resources,Provide legal land basis for railway construction。The service results of our hospital have been affirmed by the construction unit and the land department。